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Educational Minutes

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Educational Minutes or 'eMinutes' are free mini-speeches prepared and used by Toastmasters for the "Educational Minute" role. Feel free to use and rate all the eminutes and submit new ones to Matthew

Title: Table Topics Hit List

Table Topics give members and guests a chance to think on their feet. Ideally, everyone at the meeting should get an opportunity to speak, but time may run short. The Table Topics Master should make every effort to call first on those who do not already have a speaking role. It can be very helpful to write out the names of your candidate speakers in advance to save precious time.

Starting with a printed membership roster, it is easy to create a "Table Topics Hit List" at the start of the meeting: cross-off names of members who have speaking roles, highlight or circle the names of the remaining members in attendance. At the bottom of the roster, add names of guests. When offering a table topic, select first from highlighted or added names, checking off each name as you go. This should move your session along with a minimum of delay allowing you to maximize your table topics hits.

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