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Educational Minutes

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Educational Minutes or 'eMinutes' are free mini-speeches prepared and used by Toastmasters for the "Educational Minute" role. Feel free to use and rate all the eminutes and submit new ones to Matthew

Title: General Evaluator Tips

The General Evaluator has the opportunity to help Evaluators and Table Topics respondents improve their skills. As well as calling on your helpers, take a couple of moments to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluations, and to give a comment or two about the structure of the table topics responses. For example, did the evaluator focus on the speech itself, or on the personality/character of the speaker? Did each table topics respondent transition smoothly from an opening reaction/response, to a meaningful conclusion?

Also, it's perfectly appropriate to comment on the meeting's time frame -- did the meeting start on time, and is it being adjourned on time -- but remember this comment isn't really significant if the meetings are 'always' on time. More significant is a suggestion or analysis about how effective the Toastmaster of the Day was, in managing the meeting time effectively.

Consider that the GE is the keystone of the Toastmasters "Educational" program.

from: Sara Boepple
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