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Educational Minutes

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Educational Minutes or 'eMinutes' are free mini-speeches prepared and used by Toastmasters for the "Educational Minute" role. Feel free to use and rate all the eminutes and submit new ones to Matthew

Title: Table Topics Tactics I

Eventually, you'll be called up to hold forth for two minutes about a subject that you've only just been given...
Here are some things you can do to prepare for Table Topics before you even show up at Toastmasters meetings:

  1. Have opinions - keep up-to-date with current affairs and develop your own views on issues.
  2. Share experiences - keep a mental catalogue of experiences or anecdotes that can be woven into the topic you are given.
  3. Experiment without pressure - listen to other speakers' topics and mentally decide how you would have dealt with them.
  4. Practise mental agility - listen carefully to what others say, e.g. on TV or in everyday conversation. See how they express opinions and relate experiences. Adopt the useful bits.
  5. Never let a chance go by! Use every opportunity you get to speak off-the-cuff. Practice makes perfect.

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