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Educational Minutes or 'eMinutes' are free mini-speeches prepared and used by Toastmasters for the "Educational Minute" role. Feel free to use and rate all the eminutes and submit new ones to Matthew

Title: Understanding the Toastmasters dual education tracks and award options...

Today, pre-Pathways, Toastmasters offers many educational awards to achieve, culminating in the Distinguished Toastmaster award (DTM). There are 2 seperate "tracks" in the program: Communications and Leadership. Both begin with a "Competent" award:

Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL) are the awards that are presented in the 2 basic manuals given to everyone who joins Toastmasters as a new member and are usually the first awards pursued by new members.

Each track has a series of Advanced awards which can be earned also ACB/ACS/ACG (Communciator Bronze/Silver/Gold) and ALB/ALS (Advanced Leader Bronze/Silver)

The 2 education tracks are not mutually exclusive, members may enjoy - and indeed will benefit from - working on both tracks simultaneously.

Moreover, although the education awards in any track have a progression and pre-requisite achievement path, a memebr may work on any award before completeing its pre-requisites.

Some examples of working on awards in o any order

see your CC manual reference pages for more information

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