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Educational Minutes or 'eMinutes' are free mini-speeches prepared and used by Toastmasters for the "Educational Minute" role. Feel free to use and rate all the eminutes and submit new ones to Matthew

Title: The Last word in role introductions...

The last word in introducing the next speaker/ role in a Toastmasters meeting ...

There are many components to doing an introduction of the next speaker/role but one thing is the same in all properly done introductions. That is to have the last thing you say be ... the name of the speaker.

In a toastmasters meeting, we have many introductions as we pass control of the meeting to the next role or introduce the next prepared speech.

EVERY introduction, regardless of how long it is, is best when it ends with the name of the person being introduced. In Toastmasters meetings it even helps people know when to start clapping.

This does NOT mean that you may only say the person's name once and at the end, in fact you may user the person's name more than once. But please always end your introuction with their name.

A basic example: instead of

Please welcome up todays general evaluator, John, to describe his role and tell us what he will be doing in the meeting today.
Consider trying
Our next speaker is the general evaluator who will introduce the evaluation team. Please welcome up today's general evaluator ... John!

from: Matthew Kleinosky
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